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  • Butch Vig
    "The MicroMain 27's sound amazing! I feel like I'm listening to the music, not the speakers, and I can hear everything from top to bottom with incredible detail. There are no surprises when the mixes leave my studio, and they translate extremely well to the real world."
    - Butch Vig
  • Mark Linett
    "I'd been using the same monitors for over 10 years when Ted convinced me to try the Barefoot MM27s. The test mixes I did were so good that I ordered a pair, and the three weeks that I had to go back to using my old monitors while waiting for my MM27s to be delivered was torture."
    - Mark Linett
  • Michael Brauer
    "Over a period of a few months, I slowly weaned myself from my old midfields to the Barefoots. I've really fallen in love with the bottom end they pump out and my mixes are coming out great. My clients prefer I playback on the Barefoots when making comments."
    - Michael H. Brauer
  • Bob Ezrin
    "The MicroMain27s are my new standard."
    - Bob Ezrin
  • Rik Simpson
    "I knew within 30 seconds of hearing the MM27s that I had to have a pair. The sonic clarity, punch and ability to hear (and therefore mould) frequencies, transients and low end is so much better than any other speaker I've heard. I honestly can't put into words how much I love these speakers, my mixes have improved by at least 30% since owning them."
    - Rik Simpson
  • Dave Weckl
    "For once, the total sonic spectrum was the same, no surprises, no going back to 'correct' something I just wasn't hearing in my room. Not only do the mm 27's allow mixes to translate beautifully everywhere, they just SOUND fantastic. I never knew 'flat' sounded SO good!"
    - Dave Weckl
  • Dave Trumfio
    "These things are almost too really hear what you got, like it or not. I love the built in sub action! I'm somewhat of a "bass-aholic" and these really keep me in check. Also, I don't need to deal with bass management & crossovers."
    - Dave Trumfio
  • Rich Costey
    "They have very impressive bottom end, soundstaging, and imaging, and can be brutally honest. I had a very short adjustment period with them, and was pleasantly surprised to find that mixing actually went faster and translated excellently."
    - Rich Costey
  • Jason Livermore
    "I was originally looking for a speaker with enough low end that they wouldn't need an additional sub woofer. The Barefoot's gave me exactly that. I can now tell how much low end there is, what kind, and how it will react to other systems."
    - Jason Livermore
  • Junior Sanchez
    "Barefoot's made me listen to music in a whole new light. They're not only the truest sounding monitors I've ever owned, they're actually dangerously addicting. Since my first pair of MM35's, I had to own a pair of MM27's and in the process made a lot of my friends & colleagues Barefoot converts. Thomas Barefoot changed the game!"
    - Junior Sanchez
  • Stephan Jenkins
    "I did an extensive shootout with all the top nearfields. What sold me on the Barefoots was hearing pop singer Vanessa Carlton just like she sounds in person. With every other monitor I always heard some of the 'box'. As far as I'm concerned the Barefoots are the most accurate speakers in the world."
    - Stephan Jenkins
  • Kevin Augunas
    "The MM27 is such a major step forward that it could easily become the must-have speaker in every studio. It's the NS10 of our generation."
    - Kevin Augunas
  • Armando Avila
    "I installed the MM27s, their construction is amazing... So I finished my mix and after some listening in my car and my boombox I send it to the label. This was my first time with those speakers and I was able to deliver a mix that translates really well to other systems!!!
    - Armando Avila
  • Kent Heckman
    "In my world, I travel between rock, classical and jazz. No speaker I have ever used has sounded so true for every style. Simply amazing!"
    - Kent Heckman
  • Peter Kruder
    "Its all true.... they are fantastic and probably the best investment I made in recent times... Hats off to your great work and I sincerely thank you for giving me such a valuable tool. I'm now an official supporter of the Barefoot mission to bring great sound back into the control rooms of the world."
    - Peter Kruder
  • Doug McBride
    "The MM27's provide more "information" than any speaker I've ever heard. They are brutally honest and once you get things sounding good on these, they'll translate extremely well. Also, I've become a big fan of mixing w/o the need for a separate subwoofer."
    - Doug McBride
  • Chris Karn
    "The MM27's just simply blew everything out of the water, period... I was mixing better in less than 1/2 the time... = more time for other things like family and friends."
    - Chris Karn
  • Bobby Lurie
    "They are the first monitors I have ever heard that when I get up from the drum set and stand or sit in front of the Barefoots (their sweet spot is huge)..., that is my drumset! It sounds like someone just moved the drum kit and put it on top of the console! I am not kidding."
    - Bobby Lurie